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Thank you all for supporting us so far on our journey, and we’re pleased to say we’re back in the kitchen coming up with new products and developments for the future, so keep up with the times, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you've landed here first, you have been supporting us from the beginning of our journey. THANK YOU. We will berunning giveaways for the first 1000 Moi Moi’ers that per-order our new first batch.

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We intend to become a leading artisan condiment challenger brand in the world. We aim to become the 11th BBQ State, and we openly challenge Texas to a dual for the crown.”

Help us on this journey by tagging photos of your recipes of Moi Moi Sauce with the hashtag #moimoimyway

Further, we aim to champion our sustainability mission as we continue to grow and have a sustainability manifesto to be published soon.

    Moi Moi Sauce original combining korean and jamaican flavors to create our bestselling sticky, spice table sauce.

    Using scotch bonnet peppers and gochujang chili paste it is not short on flavour or fire!

    Moi Moi Sauce Original
    Pineapple & ginger Moi Moi Sauce as it says on the bottle... Original Moi Moi techniques used to create a brand new hot sauce that will quite possibly take your breath away!

    We call it ‘Pine & Ginger’ and it is Sure to have you grinning once you’ve tried it!

    Pineapple and Ginger Moi
    Sold out

We still hold on to our small batch roots, which is why many products might feel different (heatwise). Although, like a fine wine, we run batch numbers; we recognise the chilis we use all year round might not carry the same heat level throughout the year… So check out the label on the bottle with the batch number and details of the chilis season. Do you notice a difference?


"Arron Maddix aka Mr Moiyagi"

'Founded Moi Moi Sauce at home in 2018, he was looking to put an end to mouthnumbing heat in hot sauce and use his newfound love for Korean BBQ to build a bridge between two cuisines he loved dearly, Caribbean and Asian. Creating this
unique offering first with Moi Moi Sauce Original from his home kitchen, he is now
looking at just how far he can take his brand and has recently scaled production of
his sauce to factory in the UK!

If you’d like to keep up to date with Arron’s personal journey through business, family
and all things else, he will be starting a YouTube channel in the coming months.
Keep an eye on the @moimoisauce Instagram

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This is my favourite sauce, woud recomend to anyone, give it a go!


It's not every day you find a sauce you cant stop eating with literally anything!


Great Sauce!


In a good way!