Where do I start...

Where do I start...

It has been a mountain to climb getting Moi Moi this far, and if you've made it this far down the page to read, I want to thank you directly for your ongoing support.

It means the world to me knowing that someone else will pick up on this message (in a bottle?) and take time to digest what I have to write. Because of you, I'm still on this journey as I know in my heart of hearts this sauce is more than just a condiment; it's the foundation (source) of a great community I can't wait to interact with and meet in person.

Creating the product itself was easy; I love cooking and always have. It's all the stuff between the first batch, and now that has nearly driven me to quit on countless occasions, but to see my vision realised in this one webpage is enough to feel like I've done well, and I can finally say I'm proud (pats self on back).

Enough about me, let's talk product! Moi Moi Sauce Original has now successfully scaled to factory production (woohoo!). And we are taking pre-orders from now for dispatch before Christmas 2021. So get your orders in; you know you won't be disappointed.

Thank you again for your patience if you've been following from the start and if you're new... Welcome to the House of Moi. Let the party continue! Kisses and all xx